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In The Closet: Stealing From the Boys


Hi Lovelies,

Just wanted to share this Levi’s jumpsuit with you.  It was one of those that when I saw it I squealed and it was just me and the jumpsuit in the shop as I subconsciously knocked people out the way to get to it.

This piece is part of the Levi’s menswear Orange Tab collection and I have to admit it’s not the best for my body shape but nothing that a tailor can’t fix.


When I wear it with heels I LOVE the look of it, the problem is wearing it with flats and trainers.  The front pockets are placed quite low and they shorten my already short legs giving it a weird sense of proportion.  I thnk I will either shorten the pockets or accept it and play with the styling by bringing the focus up by wearing it slightly off the shoulder or open with a bralette or t-shirt underneath.  

Here are a few images that are inspiring me when it comes to styling this jumpsuit.


Vogue-Pattern-Mens-Jumpsuit Mens-Jumpsuit-Winter Mens-Patchwork-jumpsuit-trainers-street-style Short-Sleeve-Jumpsuit-Hat-Converse Denim-jumpsuit-socks-shoes

I love clothes that allow you to play and experiment which is something I have kind of forgotten when dressing over the past few years.  I’ve found myself trying to fit in, which is something that I’ve never been overly worried about before. I have also found myself in a creative rut which for me goes hand in hand with the whole fitting in problem but that’s a whole different blog post.

Bisous for now


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Saturday Shopping: How to wear White Shoes


My current obsession is with white shoes, whether it be Seventies-inspired boots, plain old court shoes or mules (another of my obsessions of the moment). When I was younger it was almost taboo to wear white high-heeled shoes with statements of, ‘ladies of the night’ or ‘Essex girls’ shoes being thrown around.  Like most shoes, as long as the shoe is well made and of good quality along with the rest of the outfit can make it chic or not.  I love the fact that adding a pair of white shoes can elevate a simple outfit giving it an ultra chic or rock and roll feel.

Here are some photos featuring white shoes that I love.

White-boots-ruffle-dress-jeans White-boots-black-mini-dress

These white boots give every outfit an instant lift.  I would love to wear them with a long floral dress and leather biker jacket.

White-mules-polka-dot-dress White-mules-cropped-denim-wide-trousers-t-shirt   White-mules-all-white-outfit-solange

Great way to kill two of the season’s must-have trends in one with white mules.  The way I would like to wear them would be with wide-leg paper-bag waist cropped trousers (say that quickly five times),  a white shirt and a statement bag.

White-heels-street-style-outfit white-v-front-shoes-rose-pink-outfit-victoria-beckham White-shoes-ripped-jeans How-to-wear-white-high-heels-black-cropped-trousers

One of my favourite looks of this post is included above, can you guess which one?  Of course, it’s the total denim look.   I would go with a denim jumpsuit such as this one or this one.  I love how the white heels help give the laid back feel of the denim a certain chicness to the outfit. Which is your favourite look and would you wear white shoes?

Here are a few of my favourite white shoes


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Mothers Day Gifts you’ll want to borrow

With Mothers Day around the corner, it’s time to search for that perfect gift.  Here are some you’ll be hoping to borrow from time to time.   Yes, the shame, but you know that we all do it!

 Mothers-Day-Gift-Guide-gifts you-will-want-to-borrow

L’Occitane Irresistible Almond Collection | Mango Star print scarf | Charlotte Tilbury New! Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask Single Mask | |Kurt Geiger LEATHER LG KENSINGTON BAG | Thomas Sabo Love bridge rose gold plated bracelet from House of Fraser | Mini Facial Toning Device from Space NK |  Yolke Stripe Stretch Silk Pyjama Set | Next Pointed Slingbacks

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Sunday Decor: The Toilet Room

Small Toilet Room

If you have a separate or additional toilet from your main bathroom, you may understand how difficult it can be to make these small, dull spaces something of interest.  Recently,  I have been thinking of ways to liven up our separate toilet room.  Incomes Pinterest to the rescue where I’ve chosen some of my favorite inspirational designs. From brick mirrored and mosaic tiles to

Recently,  I have been thinking of ways to liven up our separate toilet room.  Incomes Pinterest to the rescue where I’ve chosen some of my favorite inspirational designs. From brick mirrored and mosaic tiled walls to scenic wallpaper, I hope you’re as inspired as I am by the pictures below.

Let me know in the comments which are your favorites, and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to see more of what I’ve loved.



Small Toilet room Decor


Small Toilet Room wallpaper

Small Toilet Room tiled sink

Small Toilet Room brick mirror wall

Small Toilet Room wood and tiled floor

Small Toilet Room Black and wood

Small Toilet Room black and white stripes

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New in Skincare Products: Konjac Sponge and Antipodes


Hi Lovelies, just thought that I would share a couple of new skincare items that I’m about to add to my nightly skincare routine.  My skin has been really bad recently and that’s completely down to me not being consistent with my routine.  Since my skincare has kind of been the last thing on my mind with the very crazy start to the year, I’ve been picking up whichever product has been at hand, not doing any facial masks, exfoliating or any of that good stuff.  Added to that, my evening routine has gone out the window.


My morning skincare routine (that I will share with you in a future post) I love and have started practicing it again and I can already see the benefits from that.  So I decide to add the Charcoal Konjac Sponge (yeah…I know, I’m late to the party on that one) and Antipodes Divine Facial Oil for a more cleansing and moisturising evening routine.  I have been thinking about trying the Clarisonic Face Brush but decided to try the Konjac sponge first.

Over the last couple of years, I have tried to find more natural and organic products to use on my skin and these two I am hoping will be a good fit for me.  The Konjac sponge has become a cult Korean beauty product, originating from Japan and hailed for its natural healing and cleansing benefits.  The sponges are made from the Konjac Potato plant by using the natural fibers in the plant.  They are also known for being able to be used on sensitive skin as an exfoliation product without leaving the skin irritated.


I was interested in trying Antipodes Cult Divine Facial Oil.   Antipodes is an Australian natural and organic skin product company that prides itself on the scientifically validated performance of its products.  As it’s the first time trying both of these products I’ll get back to you with a bit of a review of the products and how I got on with them.

So until then if you have used either of the products let me know how you got on with them and any advice you have on keeping a consistent skincare routine.



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